The core competence of Plus MAT is process development and know-how at both lab- and industrial- scale for recycling and reclaiming of semiconductor material from certain industrial processes such as wafering, mechanical machining etc. In view of the process diversity and various positions of the clients in their concerned value chain, Plus MAT offers adapted solutions to integrate its technology for the best benefit of clients.

A usual client project goes through three steps:

  1. Feasibility study – this step is offered by Plus MAT. In this step, engineers from Plus MAT will do first tests on the materials from the client and deliver a process assessment in view of the process quality and estimated cost at different scales.
  2. Technical discussion – this step requires engagement of both Plus MAT and the client. In this step, according to the discussion between two parties, best deployment of the technology will be proposed. Eventually, according to the needs of the client, a quasi-industrial scaled feasibility study can be carried out.
  3. Clients-specific business model discussion – commitment from both Plus MAT and the client will be agreed, either as service integration, or equipment integration.